Alessandra Calò: The Garden's Tale

24 January - 26 March 2023
"The darkness forces the viewer to enter into the realm of something unknown and mysterious, into the territory of uncertainty and improbability. But this uncertainty opens paths in the darkness that guide the viewer to encounter unexperienced realities. It could also be said that the absence of light, which enables us to see real things in their real surroundings in real time, replaces the perception of the given world with the imagination of possible worlds. The less we see and recognize, the more we imagine and create in our mind." Lóránd Hegyi

Alessandra Calò's works are a journey to the roots of our identity, a moment of recollection about what in the darkness eludes narrative. A patient photography, made of veils and transparencies, elegant in its compositional simplicity, where the constant is the taciturn rhythm of darkness and the viewer is immersed in the solemn grandeur of nature. An invitation to know how to look through the darkness, where the images that little by little come out sharper and sharper intersect with it and take on light.

Conceived during the period of confinement between 2020 and 2021 and then realized in 2022, The Garden's Tale unfolds through a series of still lifes made from objects found in domestic settings that alternate with wild visions, constantly bringing out the ever-present confrontation between the world of nature and the man-made world.
Wild nocturnes and inanimate objects are both photographed in their dramatic stillness. The result is photographic works that invite us to penetrate the darkness in search of light, works where the delicate fragility of our time is perceived in the subtle buzz of nocturnal silence.