LAb 1930. fotografia contemporanea

Via Mantova 21, 20135 Milano

The Gallery is open Tuesday-Friday 10am-5pm by appointment only.



Lab 1930. Fotografia contemporanea, founded by Elena Carotti in 2022, deals with the promotion of artists, the sale of works, as well as providing editorial advice for the creation of dummies, photobooks and artists' books.


Lab 1930's research focuses primarily on "post photography," a recent trend in contemporary photography in which photographic works, often unique work and with strong narrativity, dilute the classical boundaries of photography and cancel the distance to contemporary art.


The interest in storytelling means that the exhibitions are always accompanied by photobooks or limited edition artist's books as an essential part of the exhibition and narrative proposal itself: each publication, numbered and signed by the artist, is often accompanied by original Fine Art prints.


The exhibition space, entirely redesigned by architect Emanuela Terrile, features the original Italian "cementine" floor from the 1930s.